Hitoe Sushi

Do people still even read this blog? I know it’s been ages since I’ve written last. A friend had just let me know that Chowtimes has me listed as a retired blog. Darn. Well, here’s a post for you. Today was one of those days in Vancouver- the kind that Alex Edler claims he waits all year for:

It does rain quite a bit, but you forget about that because the sunny days are so good.

It was far too nice out to stick around on campus and lock myself in The Dudgeon at Koerner library. Nicole and I hit up Urbanspoon with sushi in mind and read about this little gem in Kits. Not very far off from campus, Hitoe was a short bus ride away.

Hitoe is a little nondescript hidden family restaurant along W 4th. It’s between Waterloo and Blenheim and pretty easy to miss. Nicole and I almost walked right past it since it doesn’t actually have its name marked on the building.

We were seated immediately by a very friendly Japanese server. I love how sweet Japanese people are. I don’t mean to be racist or make generalizations but I know you know what I’m talking about. It wasn’t busy, with two other parties seated when we entered but it was also 3 in the afternoon. I noticed a name list board on the wall by the door so I assume it does get busy at times.

And why wouldn’t it get busy? With less than 10 tables and a very extensive menu of mostly sushi and sashimi at mostly reasonable prices, I can imagine that this place is quite popular in the neighbourhood. The menu cover was gorgeous but the menu itself was a little hard to decipher. It was kind of all over the place but that attribute only adds to the family business vibe of the place. The decorations gave it a very homey feel. It was nice!


Nicole’s lunch special included a Miso Soup, which had tofu, seaweed and green onions. She didn’t comment on it but she did mention that her favourite miso soup is from Suika. If that helps anyone.

Nicole ordered off the lunch special menu and had the Negitoro and Unagi don Combo ($15.95), Chopped tuna toro with green onion and unagi on rice with miso soup. She said it was “good!”. I sent her the -_- emoji.

I had the Sushi combo C ($15.95), Tuna toro 1pc, salmon toro 1pc, Hamachi 1pc, unagi 1pc, tamago 1pc, sockeye 1pc, tuna roll 6pc, salmon roll 6pc. I was impressed by the presentation of both our meals. Their extra efforts put into presentation did not go unnoticed. I mean, I don’t really have to explain because the photo shows it: extremely fresh sashimi.

I think my favourite pieces were the hamachi and salmon toro. The unagi was also good, which I always find hard to swallow because I hate the idea of eating eel (yet every time I eat it and I like it. I’m stubborn that way). The hamachi melted more than the tuna toro did, despite it looking so beautiful in the photo above. The tamago wasn’t the best though. I liked that the rice in every piece was a little sweet. Oh, the only thing was that I think the last sockeye piece was farmed fish which I always have a problem with.

I didn’t realize this until after my meal but the wasabi served was freshly grated. It was really good! Unfortunately I had already finished my meal so instead, I made a smiley with it.

Both Nicole and I concluded that we would return.

Thanks for eating with me!

Hitoe Sushi on Urbanspoon

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