White Spot: Richmond Centre

Ah, White Spot- a long time classic favourite of mine. This location in particular, I have been frequenting since I was as young as an eighth grader. My friends then and I used to come to this location and order one burger among the three of us. We really knew how to take advantage of their Bottomless Fries back then. If it were up to me, I’d own a White Spot franchise when I “grew up”. I absolutely adore White Spot. It’s my favourite chain restaurant for sure. Anyway, Dom and I came here for a late night dinner after watching Olympus has Fallen, which by the way, they need to stop playing. It was two hours of action-filled anti-North Korea propaganda.

The restaurant is located within Richmond Centre mall, near the main entrance facing the Canada Line. At 10pm, the restaurant was pretty empty. There was a quiet murmur in the otherwise silent restaurant, save for the steady bustling from the kitchen. We ordered two entrees to share. Dom wanted to get a mushroom burger but I am emotionally allergic to mushrooms.


White Spot is currently hosting their Viva Italia limited edition menu.


The restaurant still looks the same as it did when I was in the eighth grade. Some renovations probably should be in order but I do love that old home-style feel.

I chose The Spot’s Fish & Chips Combo ($12.49)Our famous recipe. Two pieces of our crispy tempura battered cod. Served with coleslaw, fries & a soft drink. You also have the option of adding a piece of fish for an extra $2.99. I really enjoyed their fish burger from their limited edition burger menu and I was disappointed to find that they aren’t offering it anymore. Instead, I went with fish and chips. I felt like having a major cheat day, I guess. They were really generous with the serving of both fish and fries.

Unfortunately, the fish pieces were over-battered. The batter was too heavy and definitely took away from what the fish could have been. It’s definitely not as good as Pajo’s, but that’s because fish and chips is Pajo’s specialty. I’m just mentioning Pajo’s as a benchmark (gosh, way too much managerial accounting in me). In retrospect, I’m sure if I asked for the fish burger, they would have made it custom for me.

As for the other entree, Dom selected The Original “Beef Dipper” Combo ($11.49)Roast beef piled high with garlic panini bread. Served with au jus, creamy coleslaw, signature fries & a soft drink. We made it a “Spot Size” for only a dollar more since we were sharing. Look at that roast beef! Mmm. So good! I love the beef dip here because White Spot has everything down right. From the panini bread to the roast beef to the au jus. My favourite part is how soft the panini is! It’s so easy to press down with your hands and it tastes like pillows on your tongue. It’s also spread with garlic butter, giving it a delicious garlicy kick. The serving is also huge! 

Look at how high the roast beef is piled! That’s enough roast beef to make my lunch for a week. I definitely had trouble fitting it all in my mouth. The beef was tender but not very flavourful. But the jus was on point and together, it was delicious. Definitely one of my favourite meals here. The fries for both entrees were the same as always. Good but not the best. The coleslaw for both entrees were also the same as always. I always finish my coleslaw here because it’s actually tasty! Good job White Spot, making me actually like coleslaw since whenever you were established.

We were so stuffed by the end of our meal. It was absolutely awesome. My mouth is watering right now.

Thanks for eating with me!

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