Crepe De Licious

Richmond Centre unveiled its $30 million, 44,000 square foot 18 restaurant food court renovation last fall. One of the new vendors introduced was Crepe De Licious, a small free-standing dessert shop located in the middle of the Dining Terrace, directly parallel to Pinkberry. It sells both crepes and gelato. Mmm, what a delicious combination.

It’s a food court food retailer with an open kitchen beside the cashier, allowing you to view your crepe’s production! All of their products are made to order and all are done in less than five minutes! Because the food court has only been opened for a couple of months, everything still looks relatively new.

They offer both sweet and savoury crepes but Dom went with a sweet one. He ordered¬†Black & White ($6.25),¬†Nutella & freshly sliced banana. It’s true! I watched the whole banana sliced before my eyes. The crepe was very good. It was filled with quite a generous spread of Nutella which completely covered the whole crepe.

The freshly cooked crepe melted the Nutella with the banana, creating a warm gooey filling of deliciousness. The banana’s creamy texture worked really well with the Nutella spread. The crepe itself could have been thinner though. It was finished with a Nutella drizzle with some icing sugar splashed over it. I personally found it too sweet for my preference but Dom liked it. He thought it was a good size and had quality ingredients. I’m going to try to make this at home because I don’t think it’s worth six dollars. It took the guy less than five minutes to make for crying out loud!

Thanks for eating with me!

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