Eagles Buffet

With school and work, I never really get a full day off and my mom works really hard as well- seven days a week for her. So last weekend on Good Friday when we both finally had a day off, we took advantage of it and went to the states for a day trip. Of course we were accompanied by The Wangs, our partners in crime. The officer at the border even asked us if we travel to the US together often (I guess they must have records in their computers), we said we were best friends. Anyway, I knew it was going to be a serious shopping trip because I was rudely awoken at 6:30 am. I didn’t even have a chance to shower! It was barely noon before we got hungry so we drove over to Eagles Buffet, located in Tulalip Resort Casino, right beside Seattle Premium Outlets.

We have been here several times before but I don’t really think much of it. It’s a typical buffet with reasonable prices, a little on the higher end side, at least relative to Old Country Buffet. There was a short queue and we waited maybe about 15 minutes. I wanted to try my luck at the slots as we waited but the legal age in the states is 21 and I am still a couple years away.

The Lunch Buffet ($12.95 for Adults) was reasonably priced, considering the location. Seniors get a 15% discount, and you qualify if you are 50 years old or older. Included are complimentary drinks and they seemed to have a wide variety but you have to ask your server. I ordered raspberry iced tea and it was very good. I’m not sure if it’s unlimited refills because I didn’t finish my drink. Our server was rather rude but she warmed up to us as our meal progressed. It’s okay, it’s a buffet. But I don’t think it’s ever okay to be rude to someone.

The restaurant is huge! There were so many tables and thus, it made for a very loud restaurant. I could barely hear our conversation at the table. It’s rather annoying but I was too hungry to care. The decor is quite nice but mostly average to me. Nothing struck me as eye-catching but it wasn’t bad either.

There was a Mongolian grill.

The craving station. There was roast beef, ham and a salmon.

The one thing I really liked was their extensive dessert selection.

And I mean extensive! They even had at least 10 flavours of gelato as well.

This is my first plate. For the record, I suck at buffets so don’t judge me. The roast beef was very tough and I only ate about a quarter of the piece. Too bad because I hate to waste food, I just couldn’t eat it. It physically pained me to consume. I also got a bunch of what I call “fake Chinese food” from another station I did not photograph. There was also a create-your-own pasta station.

My second plate was from the create-your-own Mongolian grill. I wish I had gone here first because this was quite tasty! The chicken was my favourite meat while the pork was very tough, like the roast beef. I did not add any pieces of beef as it was frozen and suspicious looking. I would not eat that even if you paid me to.

My third plate consisted of baked wild Sockeye salmon, BBQ ribs and a pizza that I wanted to try because of the artichoke. The salmon was absolutely divine! I had two pieces and it was amazing after amazing. It was so tender and moist. The first time I saw it I laughed because I thought I could make salmon better than that but it is infinitely more juicy and flavourful than the salmon I make. Absolutely delicious! I could just have three plates of salmon and be completely satisfied. The tartar sauce and fresh lemon juice really complete it. The ribs were also very good but not on par with the salmon in terms of flavour. The BBQ was not fully marinated into the meat but the meat itself was very tender and just fell off the bones. I was unable to finish the pizza but the artichoke was good.

My dessert plate was lemon/lime sorbet, bread pudding and a carrot cake cupcake. The lemon sorbet was the most sour sorbet I’ve ever had in my life. I could not bare to finish it. My face now has permanent wrinkles from all the cringing. The bread pudding was good and so was the carrot cake. I was way too full to eat anything else after this.

It was a great place for a quick refuel in the middle of our shopping day at the outlets but it will be a long time before I return. The food is simply average and I hate buffets. There is also a Olive Garden and McDonald’s right outside in the parking lot so it’s not like you don’t have other choices.

Thanks for eating with me!

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