Mui Garden 梅園粉麵茶餐廳

My mom was in a yolo mood and decided that life is too short to slave away in the kitchen after working all day. So we went out for dinner. She chose Mui Garden, a popular Hong Kong style cafe chain in the Greater Vancouver area. Mui Garden has been open in Richmond for as long as I can remember. I can even recognize some of the servers. You can read about their history and see the awards they’ve won here.


Mui Garden in Richmond is located at Firbridge (wow I didn’t know that street had a name) at Minoru. Its located on the other side of Westminster, very close to Richmond Centre!


The Richmond location definitely needs some TLC.


But I also like that the restaurant has not changed over the years. Its comforting, in a strange curry-is-my-homeland kind of way.


I ordered the Beef Brisket Curry on Rice ($8.50)with drink. Man, oh man. I don’t know if I can describe my feelings for this dish in words. The curry has not changed after all this time and thank the lord. Please, never change. The beef brisket melts in your mouth, like dissolves in your mouth. How do they even make meat that tender? But the curry is even better. It’s creamy and spicy, with perfect multidimensional flavours creating curry-fireworks in my mouth.


The best damned Malaysian curry you’ll ever have. Mui Garden claims it’s authentic Malaysian curry, “With over twenty meticulously blended spices and ingredients, and over two decades of perfection, combined with our unique home style cooking, we are proud to present to you a dish that is a one of a kind.” I’m not really sure about its authenticity but who cares? It’s the best I’ve ever had.

The drink I had with my meal was Iced Lemon Tea. It was average but you can’t really screw this one up.

Their other famous dish, Chicken with Rice (Hai Nam Style) ($9.00)with soup. My mom ordered this. The chicken is the real deal here. I’ve had very poor renditions of Hainanese chicken over the years. Mui Garden serves one of the best in Vancouver! Curry and Hainanese chicken masters? Oh man.

The Hainanese chicken is served with two sauces: chili sauce and ginger sauce. I love the ginger sauce, it really compliments the light flavouring of the Hainanese chicken. There are also salted peanuts!

It comes with special Hainanese chicken rice, which my mother and I refer to as what loosely translates into “oil rice”. The rice is very delicious.

The complimentary soup that came with the Hainanese chicken was their daily soup. It is a Cantonese-style duck feet with nuts broth. I’m not really sure what you would call it but it was really heartwarming. I could have had the entire bowl! The photo above doesn’t show how large it is. The bowl that we were served could have easily filled 4-5 individual small rice bowls. We always receive this soup so I think maybe they only ever make this one daily soup.

We also had Choy Sum with Oyster Sauce ($5.50) to add some veggies into our diet. Mui Garden isn’t really big on green as you can see from our previous two dishes. But that’s the Cantonese style. These choy sum (菜心), flowering cabbage, were very good! I loved how green they were. We can never seem to get ‘em as green as restaurants do!

We each had a little bit of each other’s dishes and it made for an awesome meal. We had enough leftovers to cover one more meal for the next day. Mui Garden is awesome at what they’re famous for: curry and Hainanese chicken. If you haven’t tried them yet, then I strongly encourage you to do so! I strongly recommend: Beef Brisket Curry on Rice. Their curry doesn’t seem to taste the same with other meats. One time, Gerardo and I took Angelica here and she ordered Chicken Curry but it just wasn’t the same. The curry seemed diluted and did not taste nearly as good! Plus, the brisket melts in your mouth. So I beg you, order the Beef Brisket Curry. And I wish you good luck on curry addiction counselling.

Thanks for eating with me!

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