No.9 Restaurant 九記

If you live in Richmond then you know that No. 9 is a classic way to end a late night out. No. 9 is open 24 hours. A traditional Hong Kong style restaurant, it offers almost any Cantonese dish imaginable. The menu is so long! I used to be very “anti” No. 9 but oh my god, I have definitely been missing out. It’s not that I’ve never eaten here before but I haven’t been here in years and I’ve always had such negative opinions on the place. I think the food tastes better at 2 am. We came here after celebrating Lianne’s birthday at Library Square.

No. 9 is at Lansdowne Mall. Actually, it is right across from Kyung Bok Palace, where I had dinner just the previous night.

We were seated promptly. The servers were so nice! I was kind of surprised since I subconsciously expected them to be rude and agitated. It was 2 in the morning. I would be agitated if I had to serve a restaurant of cranky sleep-deprived children with their large families, bad husbands staying out into the night, and obnoxious half-sober teens. Our server in particular was very polite. She even wished us a good weekend! I didn’t even know Chinese people knew how to wish other people well!

It was quite busy for 2 am! The interior of the restaurant is eh. But hey, look! Hockey highlights!

I chose Traditional Beef Brisket Noodle in Soup ($6.15). I upgraded the noodle to Shanghai Thin Noodle ($1.00). I really love Shanghainese noodles. I didn’t know if No. 9 would deliver the quality of Shanghainese noodles that I was looking for but I bet a dollar on it and they did! The Shanghai thin noodle is definitely worth the extra dollar. This dish was such a big serving for only six bucks? This is the same price as a Big Mac meal at McDonald’s! Yes please. And its open 24/7! The portion of the beef brisket is also very good value. We received 7-8 pieces! The brisket was not the best however but it was definitely decent for the price. The broth was only so-so. But it was very good on such a cold night. It really warmed me up!

Dom said their chicken wings are really good so we tried Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($9.50). I could smell the oil as they were served. $9.50 isn’t cheap for a basket of wings but these were really good! I want to eat these again.

They were well seasoned and fried to chicken wing awesomeness, a very hard level to unlock.

Chris and Byron both ordered Large BBQ Duck on Steamed Rice ($9.95). Its served with soy sauce and plum sauce. Man, that is a lot of rice! And a lot of duck! Chris said it was really good. Thats about all I got from him… he could barely talk in between spoonfuls of duck and rice. I love BBQ duck but I’m not sure how it would taste in the middle of the night, after its been hanging for the whole day. Byron said it didn’t look appetizing but after he finished his meal, he said it wasn’t bad. They both completely finished their dishes.

I can’t wait to come back to No. 9! There are so many dishes I’d love to retry. It’s so much better than I remembered. I have to return and make up for the lost years…

Thanks for eating with me!

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