Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮

My mom wasn’t in the mood to cook. Although I wasn’t too hungry, I didn’t want her to have to cook just because I wasn’t hungry enough to eat out. So I agreed to run some errands and stop for a quick dinner with her. We ended up at Kyung Bok of all places because we spent way too much time in Lansdowne Mall. We went to Langley Farm Market to buy Australian mangoes, which apparently are only available once a year? When we got there, there were only 3 left! We bought one for $9. We bought a $9 mango? What?


Kyung Bok has around for a long time now. My guy friends like to come here for their All You Can Eat menu. When I go with them, I’m usually the last to eat. Picture a table of 4, 5, 6 guys and me. Add plates and plates of raw meat. You could imagine how that usually plays out. I usually avoid All You Can Eat but for things like Korean BBQ, I’m likely to make an exception. Kyung Bok is located within Lansdowne Mall.


They are currently offering a Special Value Combo menu before their A La Carte.


Most of the tables are equipped with a BBQ grill plate. The interior of the restaurant is dark and seems a little run down. It definitely needs some work. 


We received complimentary banchan as expected. The potatos were good but the bean sprouts and kimchi were only average, if not mediocre.


We shared Special Combo A Marinated Sliced Beef Short Rib (Rice + Soup) ($14.95)Soup choice: Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup/Korean Soybean Paste Soup, Pork Back Bone Soup (additional $1.00). It came with three slices of short ribs. The short ribs were very good! Quite atypical Korean style BBQ marinated beef short ribs but thats what I love to eat! However, this dish used to be a much more reasonable $12.95 (given the quality of the soup).

We choose Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup. It was so disappointing! Just from the photo you can see this is half-assed attempt at tofu soup. This should be called Spicy Mushy Seafood Water Tofu. House of Tofu Soup shakes its head in disappointment! It was decent but relative to how it should taste, it pales in comparison. It was also quite salty and I did not appreciate overload of green onions. 

The seafood included cuttle fish, tiny mussels, prawn, squid and the such. The mussels were very mushy, to an unappetizing point. I avoided the seafood bits after that. 

The rice came in a traditional metal bowl.

Kyung Bok Palace seems to consistently disappoint me yet for some reason I keep going back. It’s just such a convenient spot for a quick Korean meal. I’m never disgusted by the food but I’ve never had anything particularly delicious here either. Does anyone know a good place for All You Can Eat Korean BBQ? Please let me know! I’m currently searching for the best one in Vancouver.

Thanks for eating with me! 

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4 thoughts on “Kyung Bok Palace 景福宮

  1. No.9 Restaurant 九記 – I ate Vancouver

  2. Omg I’m so surprised there are so many negative reviews! This place is always so busy, they constantly disappoint me as well and somehow like you, I’m always going back LOL. I went tonight for my first non a la carte from here and wanted to check what ppl wrote on Urbanspoon. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this place!

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