Taco Luis: Oakridge Centre

Ah, Vancouver’s most stylish shopping destination… and I head straight for the food court. Dom and I bussed to Oakridge Centre after school to pick up his car so we could drive home halfway. We only made it halfway to the parking lot before we were overcome with the urge to to eat! – Part 1, see here.

And once we fulfilled the urge to eat… we ate again.

Luis (is that his real name?) received such a positive response at his Lansdowne location that he opened a second location in Oakridge last summer! Although this location looks much cleaner, I noticed that they do not have the traditional black chalkboard menu like the Lansdowne location does. Luis works at the Oakridge location now. And a white girl.

We shared a Tator Tots Deluxe ($5.98), chicken or beef, which comes with a drink! Compared to the regular sized poutine we had previously, this was a much better deal. We ordred beef. You can select which toppings you’d like but we got: lettuce, tomatos, jalapeños, mozza and cheddar, guacamole and sour cream on the side because Dom knows I don’t particularly enjoy sour cream. The guacamole comes from a ketchup pump dispenser and is very run down and watery in consistency but it was still very good. Its coloration was a weird mint green but the flavours of guacamole were there still! The tomatos did not look very fresh. But overall, this is a very good portion size.

Oh and the tator tots! The best damned tator tots you’ll ever eat! I don’t know how but Taco Luis serves ridiculously crispy and tasty tator tots. So good!

But my favourite thing about Taco Luis isn’t the food, its the service. Although I personally find only Luis provides good service. But in any case, Luis is so funny in such a strange, quirky way that you can’t help but like him. He’s very charming and super outgoing. He tries his best to remember his customers. One time, Fiona and I ate here and he knew Fiona’s exact order down to whether she preferred jalapeños or banana peppers! Please never change, Mr. Luis!

Thanks for eating with me!

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4 thoughts on “Taco Luis: Oakridge Centre

  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken: Oakridge Centre – I ate Vancouver

  2. Thank you very much for eating at my shop in Oakridge food court! I will keep doing my best to improve the food taste, qualities and quantities . Thank again, come by to see me at Oakridge and don’t forget to remind me that’s you wrote the article!

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