Boston Pizza: Richmond Ackroyd

Hockey is back! At the end of the day, I’m not going to boycott the NHL or point any fingers. I’m just going to flop onto my couch and enjoy the good old hockey game. My friends and I met up at Boston Pizza for dinner and the first Canucks game of the season. I hate, hate, hate Boston Pizza.


Boston Pizza has two locations in Richmond. This is the one on Ackroyd at No. 3.


The restaurant was packed! A quarter of the restaurant was sectioned off for a birthday and it was also the Home Opener for the Canucks.


The interior of Boston Pizza has not changed over the years… at all.


I had a Starter Mediterranean Salad ($6.50), Our twist on a favourite. Chunks of cucumbers, red onions, red peppers and tomatoes tossed in a Mediterranean vinaigrette with feta and kalamata olives on a bed of garden greens. Served with Parmesan pizza bread. The entrée size is $9.75. I wasn’t feeling too hot after stuffing myself silly at Tandoori Kona the night before. I ate enough to feed a small town. This salad was boring, boring, boring. The dressing was almost non-existant, the feta cheese was scarce and the greens were not very fresh. Despite that, this was a huge portion for a starter! I can’t imagine how big the entrée size would be!


Angelica ordered the Pesto Chicken Penne ($16.50), Penne tossed in a creamy alfredo pesto sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, topped with grilled chicken breast and finished with fresh tomatoes and Asiago, and damn, it was big! A massive plate of creamy, cheesy pesto penne with a succulent grilled chicken breast and two huge cheese breadsticks called Three-Cheese Toast (which apparently was an extra charge of $2.50)! Angelica said that it was a disappointing room temperature when it arrived. Boston Pizza, like many other American restaurants, serves all entrées at once. She let me try a few bites of the penne and in my opinion, it wasn’t anything special. The pasta sauce wasn’t specifically creamy nor cheesy. It was just blah.

Fiona had the Baked Taco Beef Penne ($15.50), Penne in a zesty combination of taco beef, caramelized onions and our signature Bolognese meat sauce, all baked with cheddar and pizza mozzarella, then topped with dollops of sour cream and salsa and finished with chopped green onions, with Three-Cheese Toast as well. Upon receiving the bill, both Fiona and Angelica were disappointed to realize they were charged an additional $2.50 for upgrading the garlic bread to cheese breadsticks. At least Fiona’s pasta was hot though. Angelica was still complaining that her’s was lukewarm, borderline cold! However they both enjoyed their pastas, despite a few concerns.

I still hate Boston Pizza. And the Canucks didn’t even win. The only reason I agreed to going out that night was because I still didn’t have Sportsnet/TSN on my cable yet but in retrospect, the game would have been on CBC… I’m not coming back. I’d rather have McDonald’s.

Thanks for eating with me!

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2 thoughts on “Boston Pizza: Richmond Ackroyd

  1. Morning Diana
    Hope that your weekend has started well.
    I work on the marketing team at Boston Pizza and stumbled across your blog. As much as it’s always great to hear from Guests, it’s tough to learn of any frustrating experience.
    First off, thanks for visiting us in Richmond. We appreciate each and very visit. Although, we can’t do too much regarding the hockey loss, we would like to speak about some of the other details around your experience.
    We’re proud to serve millions of Canadians each year and each of our meals are made fresh to order. We have extremely high standards for food quality & overall experience so whenever there’s an instance where that standard wasn’t exceeded then it’s our job to look into it further.
    We have had a great response to our pasta, but we do look into any input like this on an individuals basis and take it quite seriously.
    Ultimately, we’d love to speak directly and learn more about your feedback. When you have a moment, please email me ( with your direct contact details and any additional information.
    Hopefully, we can win back your confidence. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Let’s go Canucks!

    Drew Campbell
    -on behalf of Boston Pizza

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