Tandoori Kona

I am a lover of all Indian foods! I have not tasted an Indian dish that did not please my endless pit of stomach. Unfortunately, I’m not well versed in where to acquire Indian food. Other than forcing my friend Miriam to once cook a traditional Indian dinner for me, I occasionally try my luck at the food court’s Curry Express. I know, I suck. So when I heard about Tandoori Kona, supposedly the best for Indian in Richmond, I knew I was about to become a very happy girl.


Tandoori Kona is in a strip mall on the corner of Cambie and No. 5. From the outside, it looks very sketchy. Why would you close the blinds like that? It makes your restaurant look so shady!


We arrived around 9 pm, which was quite late for dinner but we spent four hours taking down my Christmas decorations! Boy, were we hungry!


When I asked Dom how he felt about the ambiance of the restaurant, he said it was “just enough not to disturb my dining experience”. I guess what I mean say is: keep your eyes on the prize. The walls are painted a off-yellow and the paintings are crooked. There’s really not much to see so it’s probably better if you kept focused on your food.


Our meals came with complimentary Papadums, which can be ordered separately as well. Papadums are a thin, crisp cracker with fennel seeds. These were served with a spicy chutney. I didn’t like the thin texture of them (padadums 1, Diana’s teeth 0) but Dom really enjoyed them. I let him have mine.

We ordered an appetizer to start, Vegetable Pakoras ($4.95), vegetable fritters. I love pakoras! I didn’t like how these were fried with excess batter though. But I still managed to eat my half. Dom really enjoyed them as well.

I loved the potatos and cauliflower fried goodness!

We shared two entrées between us. The first was Chicken Tikka ($14.95), Boneless chicken tandoori. We tried medium for this. Both our entrées came with naan, rice pillau and papadums. We originally wanted to try the Tandoori Chicken ($14.95), Traditional boned chicken tandoori but they had ran out! Slightly disappointed (I don’t really care for tandoori), we opted for the boneless version, assuming its probably got the same taste. Tandoori dishes are marinated in yogurt and spices for 24 hours and traditionally cooked in a clay oven. Unfortunately, this dish wasn’t able to change my opinion on tandoori. It’s not my favourite. I find the chicken is often dry and flakey. I’d rather have tender, juicy chicken drowning in an endless sea of curry. Dom preferred our other dish over this one but still thought the Chicken Tikka was “solid” because of its flavours.

Our other dish was Butter Chicken ($12.95)Chicken breast in a mild creamy butter sauce. We tried medium for this as well. The serving looks very small here but its a deep, deceivinglittle bowl! This was very, very good! The chicken was so tender and the butter sauce was so creamy! Dom agreed that the chicken in this dish was more tender so it made the chicken in the Chicken Tikka seem tough and dry.

The complimentary Naan that came were our meals were probably among the best I’ve ever had. They were so soft and fluffy making me so, so happy! It was a very generous serving as well.

The Rice Pillau came in the same deep, deceiving little bowl as the Butter Chicken.

We had a lovely dinner at Tandoori Kona. That is until we got sick. If you recall, we had Buck a Shuck the night before here, so we’re unsure whether it was the oysters or the Indian food that upset our stomachs and gave us fevers… The truth of the matter is that I regret nothing (#noregrets).

Thanks for eating with me!

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