Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

I’m happy to be spoiled by the Sauder School of Business’ tradition of not scheduling courses on Friday. I will never have class on Friday, even if I wanted to (although that’s not completely true since I will take electives outside of Commerce). But I digress. While my friends headed off to The Eatery after class last Friday, I decided that it wasn’t worth the trip out to Kitsilano on my day off. I’ve been there before and I had found it only mediocre (and quite pricy for the quality). Instead, I decided to head out to photograph the beautiful Vancouver winter sunset. With fingers frozen and toes numb at the dike, we chose to go to Tokyo Joe’s for a snack.

Tokyo Joe’s is on Ackroyd, between No. 3 and Cooney, across the street from PriceSmart foods. I’d call it a hole in the wall.

Tokyo Joe’s offers an extensive menu, mostly focussing on sushi. However, they do serve cooked foods like donburi and udon as well.

The restaurant’s interior is not exactly visually appealing but yet it feels very welcoming and homey. The wall behind the sushi bar is painted a warm deep yellow that seems to have a glowing effect. The enthusiastic service may also be found radiating off the walls. The Japanese/Korean servers were all so friendly and polite.

Free miso soup. Yes, that means unlimited. Help yourselves!

The two of us shared two rolls: Deep Fried California Roll ($6.95) and Spider Roll ($8.95).

Deep Fried California Roll ($6.95), crabmeat, avocado, 8 pieces. This is the best deep fried California roll I’ve had. You can tell that it was served immediately. It was coated with a light batter and topped with teriyaki and ranch? sauces. Spicy mayo was provided for dipping. Traditionally I don’t fancy California rolls but deep frying makes everything better. Hey, maybe if you deep fry calculus I’ll like it more. The roll itself was well made so once fried, everything remained intact.

Spider Roll ($8.95), deep fried soft shell crab, 5 pieces. I love soft shell crab! The best deep fried soft shell crab I’ve had was at Toshi ($10.50 for 3 soft shell crabs, very good value). Tokyo Joe’s version of the Spider Roll reminded me of Banzai Sushi‘s, a restaurant I hate. The soft shell crab tasted fishy and then not fishy to me (I was very confused) and the roll itself was made much too big. The roll itself was well made as it stayed together but overall, it quite disappointing.

Tokyo Joe’s is a much better alternative to Banzai for cheap sushi in Richmond but that’s about it. If you’re craving legitimate sushi, you need to cough up the money. When it comes to the quality of sushi and sashimi, you get what you pay for. Other suggestions for Tokyo Joe’s: I like their Volcano Roll but I’m not sure if I’d order sashimi or nigiri here. Oh and also, they have Happy Hour (after 2 pm to close) 16 pieces of California Roll for only $6.00. Of course, I hate California Roll so this does not apply to me.

Thanks for eating with me!

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  1. Jumbo Sushi – I ate Vancouver

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