Mongolian Hot Pot 小肥羊: Richmond

It was Serena’s last day with us in Vancouver so what better way to show her around the city than by taking her out for the food? We originally wanted to try The Oakwood for their $11 brunch but as it’s located in Kitsilano, it’s quite a ways away from Richmond. My mom suggested Mongolian Hot Pot, our favourite hot pot restaurant. It was a cold winter’s day, so off we went.

Mongolian Hot Pot is a worldwide franchise, mostly located in Asia. Its Richmond location is within Lansdowne Mall.

Each table is equipped with a electric stove top for the hot pot. The tables are consistently clean and I enjoy their tableware. I appreciate the quality of cups and plates.

The restaurant is nicely decorated. It is quite spacious but it does get busy as well. My mother and I have never had a problem with getting a table at lunch though. I find that it’s usually busier in the evening.

There is also a floating island near the entrance of the restaurant where patrons can help themselves to complimentary sauces. I find that the broth is flavoursome enough so that there really is no need for sauces. But it’s a nice touch to the restaurant and the overall dining experience.

We received one complimentary glass of Plum Juice with our lunch Mini Hot Pot order. The plum juice is perfect for hot pot as it cleanses your colons. It’s very refreshing!

We ordered the Meat Eater ($11.99) Mini Hot Pot to share. I believe the Mini Hot Pot is only available during lunch hours. It does say “per person” on the menu but my mom and I have always gotten away with sharing one order. It’s simply too much food otherwise! The Meat Eater comes with Fatty Beef, Lamb Shoulder, Veggi & Pork Dumpling, Yam, Vegetable, White Noodle. I haven’t been here in at least a year but this combo wasn’t always presented this way. It used to come on one large, round plate with bean curd in place of yams. But other than that small presentational difference, the portion sizes seem to be the same. Personally, I don’t enjoy lamb as much as other meats so I mostly work on the fatty beef. The veggie and pork dumplings are average. However, I really enjoy the white noodles. They cook very well in the broth and create a noodle soup!

Because we ordered the Mini Hot Pot set, we receive the House Original Broth free of charge. It’s otherwise something ridiculous like seven, nine dollars. The broth is their signature herbal broth, made with ginger, green onions, goji berries, garlic gloves and other herbal ingredients. The House Broth is what makes me keep coming back! It is absolutely divine! I am addicted to this flavourful, sodium-heavy MSG soup. I dare you to challenge me but I truly believe that no hot pot restaurant has anything on Mongolian Hot Pot’s broth (to be honest with you, I don’t exactly know any other hot pot restaurants. I have Mongolian Hot Pot and this is all I’ve ever needed. I’ve never had the reason to try anywhere else!).

We also added another plate of Fatty Beef ($7.99). The fatty beef is my go-to order here. Mongolian Hot Pot does a great job with the slicing of the beef.

So much meat! This is a great place to feed a lion.

We ordered Oyster Pancake ($4.99). I was once obsessed with all foods deep fried and this used to be my favourite dish here because they make it just so deep fried (if that makes sense). I still am addicted and get weak when it comes to deep fried foods but I know better than to stuff myself silly. This pancake was very greasy. There are tiny bits of oysters throughout but there really wasn’t much. The first slice was tasty but it had way too much oil for my liking. I will no longer be ordering this.

We also received another order of the White Noodles ($4.99). We asked for half white noodles, half vegetables. The server honoured our request. We were extremely full by the end of our lunch with quite a bit of leftovers. I absolutely recommend Mongolian Hot Pot! The broth they serve their hot pot with is just something else! Although I will warn you, the service here is said to be very poor. But who cares? You’re here to eat. If you want good service then I suggest you look in the Georgia Straight’s classifieds.

Thanks for eating with me!

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊 on Urbanspoon

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