INDOCHINE Kitchen + Bar

UBC started its 2012 Winter Term 2 session last Wednesday and after a long day of learning (aka snoring and drooling while each prof read their respective syllabus and course outline), Dom, Fiona and I took the 99 to Indochine for their Wednesday wings special (half off wings), which Dom has been asking me to try for weeks now.

Indochine is on E Broadway at Ontario (the sketchy part of Broadway). Indochine is the French word for Indochina. Its menu mostly offers South East Asian fusion.

It was around 3 pm in the afternoon and we were literally the only patrons. The restaurant appears to be recently renovated. It looks like it would be awesome place to watch the game (which by the way, is coming to a TV near you! Thank you, negotiators of the NHL and NHLPA for all your hard work!).

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of distributing moist towelettes. Indochine knows that their most popular dish is the Garlic Butter Chicken Wings and who wouldn’t appreciate a handy moist towelette after eating some wings?

Since we were the only table at the restaurant, the wings did not take long to come out. The three of us shared three (they only offer three flavours) plates of wings and one entree. The first up were the famous Indochine Garlic Butter Chicken Wings ($9.50), with garlic chips and lemon pepper dipping sauce. Their Wednesday wings special is half off wings so we got our wings for $4.75 each. Each order came with 9-10 wings.

Look at that crispy yet tender, juicy chicken! The wings were a very decent size, none of that miniature-sized crap you’d get at Famous Warehouse. These wings are supposedly based on Phnom Penh‘s famous deep fried chicken wings. Phnom Penh, perhaps known to all of Vancouver’s foodies, is located in Chinatown, an area I am too afraid to venture into for food, and serves very photogenic chicken wings. Apparently, Indochine is owned by the same people? But I digress. These wings were quite special. I really enjoyed the crispiness, the garlic flavouring and the juicy, tender white meat within. I personally don’t like the butter undertone. Also, the garlic chips were delicious to pick at awkwardly with my unmastered chop stick skills. But the lemon pepper dipping sauce was confusing to me. Both Dom and Fiona rated this flavour as their favourite.

Their second flavour is Sriracha Buffalo ($9.50), traditional buffalo wings marinated with Sriracha hot sauce. It’s served with a side of ranch, which was basic, not rich at all. I thought the Sriracha Buffalo wings were not very memorable. They were too similar to ordinary Buffalo wings to be distinct. Fiona and I both rated this flavour as our least favourite.

The third and last flavour were the Honey Garlic ($9.50), glazed with a honey garlic sauce. These were my favourite. I really liked that unlike typical honey garlic wings, Indochine’s were made with real minced garlic to create the mouth-watering aromatic flavours.

The entree that the three of us shared was the Coconut Red Curry ($9.50), which is “Thai style red coconut curry stew with beef brisket. Served with rice or French baguette”. We opted for rice.

The curry came with very tender pieces of beef brisket and a generous amount of potatoes. However, the curry itself lacked dimensional flavours. It was amateur curry. It was not creamy and there were no wonderful hints of coconut as good curry should have.

Our server was very friendly. It’s true that there were no other parties in the restaurant and perhaps she was bored, but she didn’t have to return to our table several times to refill our water and ask us how our wings were. When we asked for more napkins, she brought over a generous amount of napkins on a plate! I really appreciated that.

At the end of our meal, we received our bill in a little dish with a few mints. I thought that it was a cute touch as well, on top of the nice, modern tableware and new decor.

Overall, I enjoyed the food I tried and I feel like I would enjoy the rest of their menu. However, it is a bit pricy in my opinion for the quality and value of the food. Maybe we can come back here for a game and wings but it does seem like a bar that would get quite rowdy later at night, given all the bottles of Grey Goose in the alcohol display. But only on Wednesdays! $9.50 for a 9-10 wings is too pricy for me.

Thanks for eating with me!

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