Joey Bentall One

It was New Year’s Eve (okay, you caught me. I ate out twice in one day. Sue me!) and my girls (the same girls who forgot to make reservations for Suika which ultimately led me to my ramen love, Santouka) and I didn’t have dinner reservations! We are so screwed, we thought. Busy working on the details of the plans for later that night (while I ate at Gyo-O with Kiely), no one had a chance to make reservations. Around 5 pm, Nicole multitasked dying my hair and calling every Milestones, Cactus, Moxie’s, Earls, etc. in the Vancouver area. “Sorry we’re full tonight”, “I apologize but we’re booked tonight”, “We really can’t fit you in on such late notice tonight”. Countless calls later, Joey Bentall One offered a reservation for 4 at 8 pm. Success!

Joey Bentall One is Burrard at W Pender. There are five Joey locations in the Greater Vancouver Area. This is the first one I’ve tried!

The restaurant is your typical Milestones, Cactus, Moxie’s, Earls, etc. chain. Its servers are hot, its interior is sexy, its lighting is poor, and most importantly, its food is overpriced and really, not that good.

We started with some drinks. Their mojito ($6.50) is 1 oz. Appleton white rum, mint, lime and soda.

It was a Monday night so their Bellini (Appleton V/X Jamaica rum, real peach, sparkling wine, sangria) was on special for $4.50 from $7.00, which is a great deal.

Nicole and I both ordered the Rainbow Roll ($13.00), which is 8 pieces of ahi tuna, sockeye salmon, crab, avocado & sriracha aioli.

There was not much fish but overall I was surprised that I enjoyed this dish a lot. All the ingredients were fresh. My favourite part was the aioli. But you can definitely get this type of fusion roll with much better sashimi for much less money. However, part of the $13.00 I paid for funds busty, blonde waitresses and the electricity bill for the dim lighting. So if you want to dine in comfort and class, here is where you should come.

Angelica and Fiona both ordered the Bacon Cheddar Burger ($15.00) which come with skinny fries. They both enjoyed their meal.

I enjoyed my first Joey’s (it’s confusing to me that people refer to this chain as Joey’s yet they are all called Joey) experience but the menu is a bit pricy for my skinny student wallet. It was New Year’s so I might have been in a good mood but I believe on any other night, I would have regretted paying $25 for one sushi roll and a drink. There was nothing wrong with my food but again, I don’t see myself ever voluntarily returning. If someone invited me for a birthday dinner here, I would gladly attend but otherwise, you’re going to have to drag me, kicking and screaming, here for dinner.

Thanks for eating with me!

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