Pearl Castle: Richmond Centre

On my way home after what seemed like an excruciatingly never-ending 8.5 hour shift at work, I picked up some take out from Richmond Centre. It was around 8:45 pm and if I had really wanted to, I could have picked up something from the newly renovated $30 million food court (Richmond Centre closes at 9pm everyday during December) but I couldn’t be bothered. All I knew was that I was hungry and I wanted food. I opted for take out at Pearl Castle.


I ordered the Fried Chicken Nuggets on Rice ($7.95). I dine quite frequently at Pearl Castle and my orders here strictly vary between this and the Milk Seafood Udon ($8.95?). I appreciate the take out packaging they provide. Its the little details that add up!


Complimentary cutlery is provided without request. This is convenient if you’re intending to eat your take out “out” but I took my take out home to enjoy.


Here is the main focus of the dish: Taiwanese style fried chicken nuggets. Pearl Castle has this perfected. I’ve had Taiwanese style fried chicken nuggets at numerous Taiwanese restaurants and never had I tasted any on par with Pearl Castle’s. The portion (approximately 11-13 nuggets) may seem stingy but I find that it always fills me up. These boneless, skinless chicken nuggets are marinaded and spiced to perfection. They are the exact amount of crispy yet tender. Why would you ever eat KFC’s Popcorn Chicken when you can eat this?


The steamed rice and side veggies come in a bento box. Pearl Castle offers 3 sides of their daily veggies with most meals with rice. Today’s daily side veggies were: fried Chinese vermicelli, fried Chinese cabbage and celery and carrot mix.

Pearl Castle is frequented by my friends and I as it is in Richmond Centre, by the Canada Line and closes relatively late. Somehow, we always happen to engage in the strangest of conversations when we end up here.

Thanks for eating with me!

Pearl Castle 圓香茶坊 (Richmond Centre) on Urbanspoon

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  1. Pearl Castle: Richmond Centre – I ate Vancouver

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